2019 Editor’s Choice Award – Kimber Micro 9 KHX Pistol

The classiest of the classy micro compacts If you’re looking for one of the smallest, lightest and best-looking 9mm micro-compact’s for concealed carry, do not...

2019 Editor’s Choice Award – POF Revolution DI .308

The direct-impingement version of POF’s light-weight, 5.56mm-AR-15-sized 7.62mm rifle Patriot Ordnance Factory introduced the Revolution a couple years ago with great success. Reliably putting .308...

2019 Editor’s Choice Award – MDT LSS Gen2 Chassis System

A lightweight, compact and modular precision chassis specifically for compact bolt guns Thanks in part to growing competition segments like PRS (Precision Rifle Series), bolt-action...

Elite Survival’s new firearm-concealment gear

New rifle, SBR and pistol concealment gear from Elite Survival at SHOT 2020.

Freedom of movement! Swagger’s new SteelBanger bipod

Checking out the ultra-versatile SteelBanger Bipod from Swagger at SHOT 2020.

2020 Velocity Triggers RDS mounts and Rem 700 boom switches

New Remington 700 triggers and red-dot pistol mounts from Velocity Triggers at SHOT 2020.

All about the Springfield Armory Hellcat at SHOT 2020

2020 Springfield Armory Hellcat options.

Boyd’s Gunstocks @ 2020 SHOT Show

Checking out the new ultra-affordable Boyd’s Spike Camp stock at SHOT 2020.  

2019 Editor’s Choice Award – IWI Masada 9mm Pistol

Sub-1-inch precision and an impressive feature set meet affordability It’s not often that a new striker-fired, polymer-framed pistol raises an eye brow around here, but...

2019 Editor’s Choice Award – Velocity Triggers Recoil-Less Bolt Carrier

As of very recently, Velocity Triggers—makers of some of the finest drop-in triggers and other ancillary AR-15 components—threw their hat in the “low-mass AR-15...

2019 Editor’s Choice Award – FN 509 Tactical

Best of the suppressed Back in On Target’s 2019 Defensive Handguns issue, we rounded up five of the latest and greatest suppressor-ready 9mm pistols, and...