At seven yards shooting at a quick pace, Steve and Herman were able to keep all five rounds of .38 Special +P ammo in 1.5” groups. Those bullets hit where they were aimed, and at 25 yards we found the fixed sights dead on for point of aim/point of impact with two out of three loads tested, and about four inches high with 158 grain +P. Speaking of the 158-grain., full metal jacket Speer 158-grain +P gave the best 5-shot group of the test, at 3.60”, with the other four in 2.20” and the best three in 2.15”.

Speer Lawman 158-grain +P TMJ gave the tightest group at 25 yards. The revolver grouped decently, but high, with this particular load. Other loads shot point-of-aim/point-of-impact.

The PC 442 CT came out of the box shooting point of aim/point of impact, it went bang every time even with hard primers despite its light and very sweet double-action pull, and comes with the excellent Performance Center action and the Crimson Trace LaserGrips. Those latter elements save sending your own 442 off to a gunsmith, and a trip to the gunshop for the LaserGrip, and altogether I think this 15-ounce proven pocket gun is worth its more than worth its $742 suggested retail. See the new PC 442 CT at your nearest dealer, or for more information contact Smith & Wesson; Tel.: (800) 331-0852; Web:

Specifications: S&W 442 CT Performance Center .38 Special +P

Action: Double-Action Only

Caliber: .38 Special +P Rated

Barrel Length: 1.875 Inches

Finish: Matte-Black/Stainless

Grips: Polymer Crimson Trace LG-105

Weight: 26.4-oz.

MSRP: $762