Compared to a suppressor using the same bore as the host cartridge, the 0.46-inch opening in the Hybrid’s endcap is a tad louder when shooting a sub-suppressor-bore cartridge. This proved a small price to pay for the overall utility, adaptability high level of versatility.

Bottom Line

Compared to a suppressor using the same bore as the host cartridge, the Hybrid is a tad louder, to be expected shooting a 6.5mm bullet through a .45-caliber hole. No louder on the .300 HAMR than typical supersonic ammunition from a 300 BLK. Heat retention was noticeable on rapid fire strings with the rifles, less on the AR. Heating it up on the 9mm was hard to do under normal use, and it was just a bit louder than some of the 9mm cans. Very soft shooting on the pistol, just a bit heavy and long compared to many of the compacts out there. 

SilencerCo offers a slew of accessories for the Hybrid to ensure fit and function on the host weapon of choice. Shown here are a 5/8”x 24 T.P.I. direct thread adapter (left) and 9/16”x 24 T.P.I. pistol-piston attachment. Also available are SilencerCo’s ASR mount and muzzle devices for quick-detach capability.

Hybrid anything these days is great. Having one suppressor that does most is fantastic. Just remember you are compromising at either end. It will work on your pistol, just not as well as one dedicated to the task. Same on the rifles, it works great on .30 calibers but it’s going to be just a bit louder. On the other hand, at $999.00 (without mounts) you get one suppressor that will work well on most anything, from your handgun to a 16-inch carbine in .458 SOCOM or .45-70.  Simple is better, and versatility is king these days, making SilencerCo’s Hybrid high on the list of multi-use suppressors on the market today. If you want a “one can does most”, then add this one to the list. See the Hybrid at your firearms dealer, or for more information, contact SilencerCo; Tel.: (801) 417-5384; E-mail: [email protected]; Web:


Construction:Titanium and Stainless Steel

Weight:17.3 Ounces (suppressor only)

Length: 7.80 inches

Diameter: 1.57 inches

Pistol Calibers:9mm to .45 ACP

Rifle Clibers: 5.56mm to .338 Lapua Magnum

Big Bores: .458 SOCOM to .45-70 Govt.

MSRP: $999.00