Taking care of your new PC Carbine is nearly as easy as taking care of a 10/22, as it borrowed a lot of cues from that flagship design. For starters, there is no easier way to clean a chamber and bore than by removing the barrel. After confirming that the firearm is empty and the bolt is locked back, simply press the lever and twist the forend and barrel comes right off. Disassembly of the receiver side is also a snap. Just loosen the takedown screws and slip the receiver and trigger group right out off the stock. Once removed, two pins separate the trigger housing from the receiver. The bolt can also be lifted out once the charging handle is removed via one hex screw.

200 yards is a stretch for the lowly 9mm Luger, however out of the PC Carbine accurate hits become a reality. Engaging our fullsize silhouette with the same rounds and magazine from a handgun encapsulates the spirit of this concept. Sure, an excellent marksman can hit a target this size this far away with a pistol, but with the PC Carbine it’s more than obtainable for even the average Joe.

Putting its practical defensive roles aside, if you’re teaching someone to shoot for the first time, this is an amazing tool, as it is affordable to purchase ($649) and feed, and  is easy on the ears and shoulder. See the versatile Ruger PC Carbine at your local gun shop, or for more information, contact Sturm Ruger & Co., Dept. OT; Tel: (336) 949-5200; Web: www.ruger.com


Accuracy Results at 50 Yards

(Three 3-shot Groups)                       Average Group                     Best Group

Black Hills 124-gr. JHP                           0.64”                                   0.37”

Black Hills 125-gr. Honey Badger              1.97”                                  1.65”

Federal Train & Protect 115-gr. JHP           0.82”                                 0.56”

Federal Hydra-Shot DEEP 135-gr. JHP        0.85”                                0.61”

Wolf Military Classic 125-gr. FMJ                1.02”                             0.93”