Final Thoughts

Tested on a Wilson Combat .300 HAMR carbine from close up to 500-yard distances, the U.S. Optics SVS 1-6 power proved a fantastic example of this versatile power range of optics.

I’m not sure you need a 34mm tube for a 6-power scope, but it does not hurt anything. It’s a tad heavy compared to similar scopes, but rugged and strong. If you thrive on performing endless math looking for precise measurements and turning tiny knobs to measure minuscule groups you probably won’t like this scope. If you want to point it down range at targets, threats or game to 300 yards and get fast and accurate hits you will like it, probably a lot. You can aim, hold, press and hit most anything inside 10 inches from across the room to 300 yards, about perfect for most uses. It’s a great choice for 3-gunners, a solid home defense scope, and I would mount it on a duty rifle in a heartbeat. Priced at $1,299, its comparable to most of the competition, less than a few, and should be on anyone’s list for a solid, high-quality, low-power scope. See the SVS 1-6x at your firearms dealer, or for more information, contact U.S. Optics; Tel.: (406) 300-4090; E-mail: [email protected]; Web: