With two empties in the air and sights that are squarely back on target, the Agent 2 ranks as possibly the most shootable, softest recoiling 9mm pistol to ever pass through the testing procedures of On Target. Our test pistol digested everything it was fed without hiccup.

The single-stack Agent 2 comes with two 10-round 9mm mags, a nylon Nighthawk Custom pistol case and assorted literature.   One would expect a pistol like the Agent 2 to shoot rather well, and this indeed proved to be the case. Heading to the range, I scraped up a half-dozen different brands of inexpensive ball and more costly 9mm defensive loads of various weights to try. The Agent 2 digested everything without a hiccup, which is more than I can say for some other 9mm 1911-style pistols out there. Given the small round, big gun, and light recoil spring, the Agent 2 was very easily controlled, with the red fiber optic front sight quick to pick up in daylight. Grip was solid even in my miniature hands.

When an investment is made in a Nighthawk 1911, customers expect not only expert craftsmanship and artistic aesthetic cues, but downrange precision is also pretty high on the list of required attributes, and bench-testing the Agent 2 didn’t dissapoint.

The trigger on the Agent 2 is about as good as I have encountered. Firing five-shot groups from a bench at 25 yards, the Agent 2 averaged spreads of 2- to 2.5-inches, with the best cluster turned in by Blazer 124-gr. at 1.25 inches. A few drills, including some 5-yard roundups, which averaged a score of 95, proved the Agent 2 performs. For the discriminating few who want the distinct pleasure of carrying and shooting the most-custom of custom pistols, and can afford the $4,495 price tag, the Agent 2 may be for you. It’s an easy nomination for a 2018 Editor’s Choice Award. See it at you gun shop, or for more information contact Nighthawk Custom; Dept OT; Tel.: (870) 423-4867; E-mail: info@nighthawkcustom.com; Web: www.nighthawkcustom.com