Every duty load in inventory was thrown at the P365 for function and practical accuracy.  Everything ran, no problems, even the Doubletap 115-grain Barnes with a listed velocity from a 4-inch barrel of 1,240 f.p.s. With the 3” barrel it was still making over 1,200 f.p.s.  These loads were a handful but controllable with a firm grip. Standard +P loads started in the 1,050 1,100 f.p.s. range and were noticeably softer to shoot, and factory 115-grain loads, like the Hornady FTX, were almost comfy.

The P365 was snappy with the hotter defensive ammunition, yet never uncontrollable or painful under recoil. In over 1,000 rounds of testing, the pistol never missed a beat—no malfunctions or failures to go into battery no matter how fast the trigger was pulled.

Accuracy was excellent given a firm grip. Group testing was performed at 15 yards using a bag as a rest from a bench. The best group came from Doubletap 77-grain DT, measuring an impressive 1.25-inches. Nothing exceeded 2.5 inches at that range.  Hitting the 6-inch steel at 25 yards proved pretty easy, so it is plenty accurate at range.  From 10 yards and closer it kept everything inside a fist sized group while performing both controlled pairs and hammers. In short, it’s about as accurate as you can make a three-inch barreled pistol this size. 

At 15-yards, the pistol produced this impressive, 1.25-inch 5-shot group using Doubletap’s 77-grain DT load. Takeaways? The P365 is about as accurate as a sub-compact pistol can be made.

Carrying the P365 loaded with 13 rounds of 77-grain DT it weighed 27 ounces. By comparison my Republic Forge LW Commander 1911 loaded with 11 rounds of 115-grain ammunition, weighs 48 ounces—huge difference. Similar small pistols have seen the same results but none of them carried 13 rounds of full boat ammunition.  With over 1,000 rounds through the P365 as of writing this, accuracy has been excellent and reliability flawless—even with powerful ammunition. It’s just hard to feel under gunned with 13 rounds of 9mm making as much as 1,200 fps using modern expanding bullets. Retail is $599.00—about the same as most competitors with 10+1 out of the box and night sights. We can’t think of a better micro-compact pistol to slap the Editors’ Choice Award label on for 2018. See the P365 at your dealer, or for more information contact Sig Sauer; Tel.: (603) 610-3000; Web: www.sigsauer.com