The Cimarron Bad Boy represents an updated take on a classic design with 44 Rem. Mag. power and enhanced accuracy. Adept at anything one might do with a single-action revolver, with proper bullets, it has the power to hunt most North American game animals at reasonable handgun-hunting distances.

The revolver comes with a “five years to life” warranty, meaning factory defects found on new guns will be repaired for a period of five years from the purchase date, and defects in the barrel, cylinder and frame are covered for the life of the original purchaser. MSRP is $687.70, which we thought was a respective bargain. For more information, contact Cimarron Firearms, Dept. OT; Tel.: (877) 749-4861; Web:

Cimarron Bad Boy .44 Rem. Mag.

LOAD                       AVG. MUZZLE           AVG. 25-YARD                 BEST 25-YARD                                  VELOCITY (FPS)         GROUP (INCHES)           GROUP (INCHES)

Federal American           1,431                              1.87                              1.29
Eagle 240-gr. JSP

Federal Premium            1,362                              1.70                              1.26
240-gr. Hydra Shok

Federal Fusion                1,452                              1.69                              1.40

Hornady Custom             1,437                              1.78                              1.23
240-gr. XTP

Hornady Custom             1,129                              2.15                              1.54
300-gr. XTP

Velocities measured with Competitive Edge Dynamics M2 chronograph. All groups measured as five-shot groups.


Cimarron Bad Boy .44 Rem. Mag.

Caliber: .44 Rem. Mag.

Action: Single-Action Revolver

Barrel: 8-inch Octogonal

Frame: Pre-War

Capacity: 6

Sights: Adjustable

Finish: Polished Blue

Length: 13.75 in.

Weight: 2.75 lbs.

MSRP: $687.70