Cutting the weight has really made this rifle handy. As a DMR rifle it’s designed for acquiring ad-hock positions, not just setting up in a hide for days on end.  Moving around obstacles from prone it was easy to maneuver and move in and out of barricades. It was even well suited to working around positions on my vehicle. Setting up on the bumper, it was possible to stay behind as much cover as possible while still getting very solid hits. Using this position, I was able to ring the small steel at 300 yards repeatedly. Even with the suppressor and a rather heavy scope, shots at 100 yards from offhand found their mark every time. Turning to the off-set sights from Dueck Defense, running up close was not a ton different than operating a 16-inch carbine. All-in-all, it was very accurate, reliable and pretty handy for a 16-inch AR chambered in 7.62 NATO.

Other Considerations

Sig Sauer claims the rifle runs with any suppressor, so naturally, more were tested. Gemtech’s Dagger is direct thread and weighs in at just over 14 ounces. It is quieter, but gas and back pressure intensive. There was no issue with operation—you just sucked up a ton more gas, and brass and ammunition was dirty very quickly. NG2’s MAXFLO was exactly the opposite, heavier by about three ounces, back pressure is all but non-existent. On the suppressed setting brass ejection was perfect, with no gas in your face or anything to gum up the works. Dead Air’s Sandman K kept things very short and ran great, it’s just loud as you might expect. Moving to the Sandman-S quiets things down. Impact shifts on them all ran about two to three inches low, but none experienced any vertical dispersion at 100 yards.

The first-focal-plane SIG Tango6 3-18x44mm scope from SIG’s electro-optics line—shown here in a Spuhr ISMS mount—is a robust, full-featured piece of optical equipment, and a great match for the 716 DMR’s intended job roll. Advanced features like MOTAC (motion activated illumination), the LevelPlex digital anti-cant system, LockDown turret system are just a few. This riflescope is worthy of a few pages of review on its own, so until then, check out SIG’s full line of optics at

Sig Sauer’s Tango 6 scope was very nice, and very heavy. My guess is that’s a product of trying to meet a Mil-Spec, but it is noticeable. At just about 2.5 pounds, it took this rifle to almost 12 pounds, adding the Spuhr mount and RMR added another half-pound. If humping this thing around is in the cards, just take that into consideration.

Bottom Line

Suppressed or unsuppressed, the 716 DMR cycled all ammunition without a single malfunction throughout the entire duration of testing. Between the excellent trigger, outstanding optic and the ability to turn the gas down to soften recoil, rapid and accurate hits at distance were this rifle’s specialty.

Having tested every iteration of the 716 since its introduction each has improved, the G2 most significantly. Weight has been reduced by a couple pounds and accuracy is excellent with complete reliability.  Some may balk at the KeyMod, others will prefer it, but other than that this rifle is excellent.  Retailing at $3,244 puts it in the middle of the pack for accurized, piston-driven AR10s. The other two I have in inventory are well over a grand more, in one case closer to two-grand, so it’s well priced for what you get. If you are an agency looking for a semi-auto DMR or precision platform, this rifle would fit the bill nicely. For many the 16-inch 7.62 NATO is the “perfect” battle rifle, or long-range self-defense rifle. Sig Sauer’s 716 DMR is one of the better examples out there, so give it a look for sure. It may be exactly what you’re looking for. Contact SIG SAUER, Dept. OT; Tel.: (603) 610-3000; Web:


Caliber: 308 Win / 7.62 NATO

Barrel: 16 inches

OA Length: 37 inches extended

Weight: 9 pounds

Sights: Flat Top Rail (20 MOA elevation)

Stock/Grips: Magpul CTR Stock, Sig Sauer Grip

Action: Rotating Bolt, Short Stroke Gas Piston

Finish: FDE Cerakote

Capacity: SR25 Compatible

Price: $3,244

Downrange precision…the 716 DMR has it.


Load                                                    Velocity                        Accuracy

Hornady 155-gr. AMAX BLACK                2,700                          0.70 Inches

Doubletap Colt Comp 155-grr. TMK         2,650                          0.60 Inches

Doubletap 125-gr. BT                             2,750                          0.75 Inches

Black Hills 178-gr ELDX                          2,470                          0.65 Inches

Velocity in feet per second measured using a Magneto Speed V3 chronograph. Accuracy in inches for three five-round groups fired from 100 yards using a bipod as a rest from behind a bench.