My second range session with the RRA QMC rifle was conducted for accuracy at 100 yards. Shedding the MRO, I opted instead for a 4-16 power Trijicon Accupoint. A separate article can be written for this scope alone, but suffice it to say its precise illuminated reticle and uber-clear glass made it the right tool for the job, mounted in my Larue LT-104. Firing from a rifle rest in prone using a rice-filled sock below the handguard, the QMC nearly lived up to its advertising of 1 MOA accuracy. Consistency was the order of the day with virtually all 5-shot groups at two inches or under, the great majority with four of five shots inside an inch, with some POI changes between different ammo types. Utilizing five different types of ammunition of 55, 60, 62 and 77 grains, the best performance was turned in by Freedom Munitions 55-gr. M193 at 1.25 inches. The sole exception was MFS 62-gr. SP, which came in nearer three inches average, not surprising given the manufacture and type of round. Muzzle blast through the Beast brake was noticeable, but not excessive as with some other compensators. One curious item of note was the ejection pattern, which at 1 to 2 o’clock for all ammo save the MFS indicated some over-gassing. Given the mid-length gas system I would have thought this would not be so, but perhaps a heavier buffer or other ammunition would mitigate. In any case it had absolutely no impact on function or accuracy.

The RRA Mag Stock proves its value when gear-carrying capability is reduced, allowing extra ammo payload to be attached directly to the weapon. With a Magpul PMAG D-60 60-round drum in the rifle, and a PMAG-20 20-round magazine in the buttstock, we had a total of 80-rounds on tap for this particular backcountry excursion.

The RRA QMC rifle is a versatile AR that would be right at home for personal defense, three-gun competition, DMR, or TEOTWAWKI. It is not the lightest AR-style rifle out there, but it has a large number of features that will make it desirable for virtually any task you could need such a rifle for, and is capable of both outstanding accuracy and reliability. The RRA QMC retails for $1400 for the black version, or $50 more for the tan model. Contact Rock River Arms, Dept OT; Tel.: (309) 792-5780; Web: