Measuring the distance between all of the groups we confirmed two important factors: the click values are true and the scope holds zero.

The DMR II is built with outstanding precision. The group on the left was our zero, the group on the right was shot after dialing all the way up to max, then back down to zero. Precision rifle shooting may involve a lot of turret changes; a scope that isn’t repeatable is not good for anything more than a spotter.

Total adjustment was very impressive, with 30 mils available. That’s theoretically enough to get the 6.5 Grendel out to 1,400 yards!

Dialing back down to our 50 yard zero we fired a final group and confirmed the third important criterion for a usable long range optic: repeatability. If a rifle scope fails any of these three tests it is essentially useless. Happy with the zero, we installed the RevLimiter zero stop to allow us to dial back down and stop right where we need to without looking at hash marks.

Feeling confident in the optic we engaged the 800 yard target with several boxes of the Federal 6.5 ammo.

With a mild crosswind we had to hold between 1 and 2 mils to connect repeatedly. The G3 reticle gave us very handy hash marks at 1.25 and 1.5 mils, which helped us center up more rounds than not on our shoot steel IPSC target (; $207).

Following the long range work we set up some paper IPSC targets within the 7- to  15-yard range and switched over to the carbine 7.62×39 barrel. Using Wolf Military Classic 123-gr. FMJ (; $4.99) we tested transitioning. At 3.5x the optic was still clear with targets this close and the illumined reticle made it feel like we were running a red dot. The wide field of view made it all but instinctual when trying to acquire the close-range targets as quickly as possible.

Long range accuracy was excellent; the author put round after round of Federal American Eagle open tipped match ammo on steel at 800 yards. Zero did not need to be adjusted throughout the day meaning that the optic’s internals stayed put, just as a good scope should.

Overall it was a great day on the range, leaving us with a very positive attitude toward the Bushnell Elite. The clarity and light transmission were that of an optic costing several times as much and should certainly be a contender for any long range setup.

See them at your gun shop, or for more information contact Bushnell Optics, Dept. OT; Tel.: (800) 423-3537; Web: