TUFF Products nails it again with the new 3-Day Assault Pack ($109). Built for the long haul and carrying heavy gear that shooters, hunters and survivalists rely on, it delivers quality and features that one would come to expect from TUFF. Built from 500 Denier Cordura nylon with huge #10 zippers, the pack’s main compartment measures 15” x 19” x 5” for humping the larger items. Two internal pockets within the main compartment help to secure the more important items of your kit, and extra security for bulky or heavy loads is provided by two straps that can be cinched down to take stress off of the zippers. Also included is a pistol pouch to keep your bug-out sidearm safe through potentially rough travel.

Five external pockets allow ample organization, as well as fast access to critically important items. The topmost pocket/pouch is removable to give access to a panel of MOLLE webbing, should you choose to customize the pack with your favorite accessories.

A pack is nothing if it isn’t comfortable, so keeping your spine in place are half-inch-thick padded shoulder straps that connect at the hip as well as across the chest. Each strap has a fabric loop as well as a pair of “D” rings for attachment of even more gear A mesh-ventilated back pad promotes air movement, and works to keep you cool when your situation isn’t.

This pack is perfect for everyday gear transport, endurance marches and hikes, or just as a plain old bug-out bag to keep in your trunk. Whatever your needs, this bag is certainly up for the challenge. Contact Tuff Products; Tel.: (877) 883-3776; Web: www.tuffproducts.comFrank Melloni

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Charles Anderson

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